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Remember, celebrate and honour loved ones touched by Parkinson's on our virtual tribute wall.

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Carol Glospie

My sister Dorothy Downes died last week from the effects of parkinson's. My sister was so Brave. She never complained and suffered so much the last month especially. Thank God, she lived with her son and her daughter was there constantly. I saw her so much during this time and loved her and helped take care of here. It is hard to believe she is gone. She fought so hard; and did not want to leave us until we all said you no longer have to suffer. We don;t want to lose you, Dottie, but it was selfish to let you suffer. You are peace now. She is our last sister and now it is just myself and my brother.

Peter Wylie

Hi and thanks to all those who have donated to the 27 for Parkinsons challenge. Some of the days are interesting challenges. This old body has some challenges getting into yoga poses! Good luck to all the others in this challenge. Cheers Peter


I am doing this for all those with young onset Parkinson’s. This is not just an older persons disease and hope to raise more awareness for the YOPD group.


I'm doing this for my partner's father.

Carmen Zajac

I’m doing 27forParkinsons for my incredible Dad. Who has Been fighting it for 18 years and still is. And others living with the diease.


Mum💜 still fighting after 23 years, it’s been really hard watching this last year go by. We will always remember the good times, your vibrance, your strength and your love. Love you mum xx


I'm paying tribute to my mum, diagnosed about 10 years ago. She gets up every day in a positive frame of mind, and if her Parkinson's is particularly challenging that day, she soldiers on regardless. Parkinson's doesn't stop her from being a great mum and a great nan!

Libby Young

I was diagnosed 3 years ago at age 67. I’ve run many marathons and now walk my butt off. I pay tribute to all other fellow Parkinson’s and honour their individual battles.

Mandy Crawford

I’m writing my Tribute in honour of my brother John. He was diagnosed 7 years ago with Parkinson’s. I have always admired and looked up to him as a positive role model in my life. John has also been an active participant in raising awareness for those living with Parkinson’s and I’m so proud of him. Love you John

Karen Tomlinson

I'm doing the challenge for my Mum (Margaret Lipscombe, who has had Parkinson's for about 15 years)and all those who have Parkinson's. I'm also doing it for the people who are carers to their loved ones.


I would like to pay tribute to all those people I don't know - working behind the scenes on research projects all over the World. There are countless research projects underway. Let's hope that someone somewhere will strike lucky and find a cure. My heartfelt thanks to you all. Keep it up!

Ewa Stiller

I am doing this in memory of my Dearest Father.


I do this for all of us who are living with Parkinson’s especially those with Young/ early onset. It continues to be a challenge raising awareness in the community that Parkinson’s is not just an older persons disease and how individual it is.

Tracey Coates

I’m doing this in memory of my mum. This is my third year.

Carole-Ann Kerford

Inspired to move in support of my beautiful Mum, who finds moving quite tough these days. She fights her way through with humour and dignity more often than not though, and I am proud to be her daughter. She has shown us that whilst life may not deal you the cards you hoped for, you can still play a good game. Love you Mama.


It’s all about Dad! Big G I love you and miss you every day xx


I’m doing this for my amazing husband John. He has had Parkinson’s for 7years and he never gives up, always has that little bit extra in the tank for his kids.

Big Kel Rann

My Dad My inspiration Keeping my promise to do all I can for the cause in Fighting Parkinson’s mate.

Emma’s Team

We miss our dear mother, nanny, mother-in-law every day. Today we pay tribute to Bev Collin, and remember her courage, resilience and love of life.


I am proudly taking part in the 27forParkinson's challenges to honor and bring attention to the brave individuals who have shared their personal journeys with Parkinson's, illuminating the profound impact of this condition. Every day, this community's resilience and strength inspire me and I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to contribute to this meaningful campaign.

Gerarda Posterino

My challenge if for my late husband Michael. He had shy drager or multiple systems atrophy which is a Parkinsonism. He had been a runner, a hard worker, he loved to dance and his food, loved life but most of all he loved his boys. He died too young at the age of 58. He had the disease for 6 years and it progressed very quickly taking all of life's joys away. My greatest wish is the he could of met his grandchildren and they have been robbed of a great grandfather too. Im doing the challenge for him, trying to do the things that he missed out on, and to raise money for needed knowledge.

Mimi Morgan

For my brother, Russell who passed away after a long battle with Parkinson’s. We miss you and wish you could have seen your children becoming adults and your team, Melbourne, win the grand final in 2001.

Marty Rankin

I’m doing this challenge to support anyone who has recently been diagnosed and doesn’t know where to turn.

Elizabeth Maher

I will be walking for my Husband Steve who has been living with Parkinson's for 8 years

Donna Roberts

To our WONDERFUL,husband, father & grandpa Don Palmer, who sadly passed away from Parkinson’s disease, 10years ago. We miss you so much. God Bless you xoxo

Robyn Daly

My brother, Arthur Harry Whitworth, was a super man to me and I miss him terribly. I have donated through my friend Pauline Wiltshire and hope that one day a cure is found for this terrible disease.

Pauline Wiltshire

In loving memory of our good friend Doug Bult who passed away with Parkinson's Dementia. He is very much missed !

Clay Baker

To my amazing wife the strongest woman I know you have bad days you have good days but always remember we here for you everyday

Mandy Baker

My tribute is to everyone out there struggling with Parkinson's. Remember you're not alone. And to Fight Parkinson's for all the support they give. But mostly to my amazing support network and biggest cheerleader my Super amazing hubby, gorgeous boys and beautiful soul sister/bestie, without you guys I'd be lost 💙

Ian McFarlane

I am doing 27 for Parkinson's for all of those who now have difficulty walking or even just moving. I am walking for you.

Michelle Mendes

To my family and friends. A big thanks to supporting me during my Parkinson’s journey.

Damian Rann

My father, My inspiration. Sadly lost Big Kel to complications associated with PD 5 years ago now and each year I continue honoring him and his legacy with support and awareness of Parkinson's like 27 for Parkinson's and Walk in the park, until a cure is found.

Patty Mayne

I’m doing this for my dad and his 2 sisters who all had Parkinson’s. For my dad as things got worse he never let it get him down. He laughed with us and mostly at us. He showed us what it means to never give up to always keep going to fight til the very end. He is my guardian angel and the calm I’m my head when I need him. He was and is my hero. Miss you forever. This is for you Papa and my Zia’s and all those who we have lost and are fighting this disease.

Christine Anderson

Jack Marshall. Dad, you were an inspiration with your unconditional love, your acceptance of others and your sense of fun.

Sharon Blyth

I am taking part in this wonderful event for my dad Peter who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s since 2005. He has been an inspiration to me all my life and I am so very grateful to have a father like him.

Shona Cross

I am sending my tribute to Wendy, who after a long battle with Parkinsons, passed away this year. Also to my good friend Beth, who is battling MSA with Lewybodies Dementia. Love you both and miss you.


You are my rock. My lover. My bestie. My calm. My chef. Our children’s dad. The Lego master. My gardener. You are my inspiration. You are my husband 💕 We love you now and always xoxo


I’m paying tribute to my family and our dog who have to ride the journey with me.

Stephen Dunn

Remembering my Father (pictured) and his Mother who both had Parkinson's for many years, both diagnosed around the same age as myself and inspired to stay active and support Fight Parkinsons's in the hope that when my own children reach the same age there will be better knowledge and understanding towards treating this thing and maybe even a preventative treatment or even a cure.

Mandy Baker

To my beautiful bestie, you are strong, beautiful and even on your hardest days you shine so brightly 🌈🌞 Your passion to help and support others fighting Parkinsons is done with your whole heart ❤️ your excitement at becoming an ambassador in this year's 27 for Parkinsons and proudly representing other young onset members of our community, I couldn't think of a more deserving person to fulfil this role❤️ I am proud to walk beside you and be your loudest cheerleader, so many memories we already have, the laughs, the adventures and at times the tears, regardless were in this together..... ALWAYS! Love you MORE 💜💗💜💗👭

Sharyn Mains

To my dear husband Robert who has battled Parkinson's for 15 years and never complains.

Kirsten George

My beautiful Dad who lost his fight only a couple of months ago - a true Parkinson's Warrior. We used to walk together all the time, and he was the inspiration behind A Walk in the Park Geelong. We know there wouldn't be a cure for Parkinson's in his lifetime - now we will fight for a cure so that other families don't have to watch their family members suffer. Love and miss you Poppy x

Jill Price

I'm celebrating my husband Dave along with the spunky people who make up Ashwood Parkinsong group- who prove that life can be lived well with Parkinson's; plus their carers and families who show that love can last the distance. Lots of inspiration there and wanting to support Fight Parkinson's in all they do for us all.

Steph M

Like every year I remember you Carm. I hope you are looking down & feeling proud.

Sreph M

Like every year I remember you Carm. I hope you are looking down & feeling proud.

Melissa King

During the month of October I am paying tribute to my dad, Don. Dad loved his gardening and going for walks during spring and summer. My goal is to either walk or garden every day.

Dad lives with PSP (Progressive supranuclear palsy)- The condition leads to symptoms including loss of balance, slowing of movement, difficulty moving the eyes, and cognitive impairment. No cure for PSP is known, and management is primarily supportive. There is currently NO cure for PSP. I'm walking to make people aware of this disease which, is related to Parkinson's.

Tracey Coates

My second year doing this. I am doing this in support of my mother. She had Parkinson’s disease for 14 years. So I’m raising money in her memory.

Emma Collin

Bev our darling mother, mother-in-law and nanny, you were all about family, bringing us together and making memories. Your dedication to us and others in the community has inspired our 27forParkinson's 2022 - to connect as a family and support others in the community.

Glenda Hymers

I donate for the simple reason, it may help fund research. My Husband Bob, has late stage Parkinson's.

Michele Haley

I am participating for my Dad Ray who was a Parkinson’s warrior and kept moving right til the end. I will walk in the treadmill for 27 days in his honour!

Danii Stokes

My mother in law is someone who really inspires me!! She has had Parkinson's for over 10 years and is more active and social than me who is half her age!

I'm joining the fight in support of my good friend's dad Edgar who is living with MSA. Ed, I know you fight every day for your independence and ability to do the things you enjoy.

Karyn Spilberg

During the month of October, I am tributing to my late father, Leon Gott, who's last year of living with Parkinson's, was my first.

Marie Fullwood

My husband Barry and I are exercising every day in memory of my mother (Mona) friends (Ron) and (Eddy) who suffered for many years. We are mixing our exercise by walking, cycling and gardening.

Dianne Ruka

I'm being active for my mum, Christine, and the memory of my Pa Jack

Wendy Morris

Dad, I hated what Parkinsons did to you and I wish I could have changed the impact it had on the last years of your life. Love you dad. Cx