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Remember, celebrate and honour loved ones touched by Parkinson's on our virtual tribute wall.

Tribute Wall

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Thanks for everything Parkinson's VIC that you do

my beautiful mum sandra, gained her wings on October 21st after 24 years living with Parkinson’s Disease

Beth Lewis

my beautiful, strong, and brave mum passed away on the 26th October after living with Parkinson’s disease for 24 years. A mother to 8 children and 18 grandchildren, a beloved wife and sister. She lived her life to the fullest, she didn’t let Parkinson’s defeat her and did it her way right to the end ❤️

Stephen Dunn

Remembering my Father, Alan Dunn diagoned at 61. His Mother was never diagnosed but I recall her tremor when she was around 63 so we suspect she had it also, unfortunately have no photo. I recall Mum predicting that there'd probably be a cure by the time I reached his age... Same age as Dad for my diagnosis. Lost Dad in 2007 at the age of 78. And now on a 27 day cycling challenge to help fight this condition that hopefully also leads to better treatments for those in future genarations, and make Mum's prediction a reality for them.


To my Hubby, my one true love who has been my constant support throughout it all. Thank you for all you do for me and our family. Your love and dedication to never falters. And to my bestie, my soul sister. What would I do without you! Thank you for always being there and loving me. I know I’m not alone with this 💜

Sonja Braniff

Mum, you inspire me every day. So many obstacles that some days are more challenging for you than others, but you just keep going. And on those days you can’t face them alone, I’m here for you 💞

Lesley Labram

For John our son, who is missed every day

Marita Brown

I’m walking for you yogi until you can walk with me

Damien Michael

I celebrate my mum, Veronica Michael, who has Parkinson's and is inspirational every single day through her approach and attitude! Love you so very much Mum! XXX

John Wijsma

I’d like to give thanks to all the carers, wives, husbands, children, parents etc who are affected by Parkinson’s every bit as much as their loved ones. More specifically my wife Claire who has sacrificed so much for the family and I due to my Parkinson’s. She was the driving force in contacting Parkinson’s Victoria for information and our first walk in the Park. Claire is an inspiration to me everyday and I can’t imagine life without her. Cheers to our loved ones who live with Parkinson’s too.

Belinda and Olivia

We are walking together throughout the whole of October thinking of our best mum and our best Nana who is living with Parkinson's.


I am doing this for my grandad, Bill. Grandad passed away nearly 4 yrs ago at the spectacular age of 96yrs. He was diagnosed in his early 80's with Parkinson's and never let it beat him. He was an active man who walked everyday when he could and when he couldn't he still went to the shops on his mobility scooter. He grew up on a farm in NSW and settled with his family on Flinders Island after he was discharged from the army at the end of WW2. He and my Nana moved to Tassie when I was a baby and I can't remember my life without him. He was always had time for his grandkids, taking us swimming after school, teaching us to drive, teaching us to play pool and generally being the best Grandad ever. He was a devoted husband and father. He was strong to the end. The photo is of my Grandad, Aunty Chris and two of my boys and me. this was the last time he marched on Anzac day. I proudly marched by his side. In memory of Bill xx

Sharyn / Cleary Gang

We are walking in honour of our beautiful Dad Frank. Recently diagnosed last year. He makes our family complete


All the family for support no one can do it alone. Go team.

Parkinson’s Warrior Team 2021

Today is Tribute Day. This year the whole family is getting involved as we walk in memory of our beautiful Nan, Mary Agnes Haynes, who was the first Warrior to suffer this terrible disease. We also walk in memory of our darling Mum/Nanna, Rhonda Kennedy, who devoted more than 20 years to the Bendigo Support Group and we now walk for our two very special sisters, Sue and Lyn, who are Warriors Battling this horrible disease. I have included some group pics of family and friends from past Parkies Walks. IN THIS FAMILY, NO-BODY FIGHTS ALONE

Kaylene Ebert

Today is Tribute Day. This year the whole family is getting involved as we walk in memory of our beautiful Nan, Mary Agnes Haynes, who was the first Warrior to suffer this terrible disease. We also walk in memory of our darling Mum, Rhonda Kennedy, who devoted more than 20 years to the Bendigo Support Group and we now walk for our two very special sisters, Sue and Lyn, who are Warriors Battling this horrible disease. I have included some group pics of family and dried stuff from past Parkies Walks. IN THIS FAMILY, NO-BODY FIGHTS ALONE

Georgina Collin

Walking and no wine for Bev, this October, 27 for Parkinson’s.


I have chosen to ‘Be Active’ for my incredible Mum who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about 3 years ago. An amazingly selfless babe of a human, Mum is the rock of our family and has a heart of gold; we would literally be nothing without her love and care. Paying tribute to you today and always… Love ya Mama! 💜💞💜


Remembering and honouring our dad today and every other day after succumbing to this hideous disease on the 14th May, 2021. We miss you .. xxx

Carmen Zajac

I am walking for my incredible Dad, Paul, who is one of 27,000 Victorian’s living with Parkinson’s disease.

Lona Horsburgh

I wish to pay tribute to my husband Rob, diagnosed 10 years, who is active and positive and strives to make to most of every day. Also to our social group in Hamilton, all the wonderful friends we have made and who cannot participate but are there supporting us each day.

Ingrid Pinkerton

I’m Doing It For Pete. My husband Peter passed away in August at 72 years of age and after 31 years of living with Parkinson’s Disease. He’d say, “just keep moving!”


Diagnoses of Parkinson’s is not just 1 person it involves the whole family.

Marie Fullwood

My husband Barry and I are exercising every day in memory of my mother (Mona) friends (Ron) and (Eddy) who suffered for many years. We are mixing our exercise by walking, cycling and gardening.

Shona Cross

Today I am walking for my dear friends that can no longer get out and about Wendy, Beth Vivien,this is for you. I don't have any photos, but they all know that I am doing my best.


I would like to celebrate the life of my mum. She had Parkinson’s for 14 years and she gave a good fight. She was tough never complained took it in her stride and gave it all she had. Cheers to you mum

Steph M

Walking for my beautiful Aunty Carm! Thanks for looking down on us & taking care of us. Love you heaps.

Connie Ruggieri

Doing it for my mum She has her good days and bad We love seeing her at happy, especially when we are all together.


We are doing it for you Poppy. We know some days are harder than others but we all love it when you are with us.

Dianne Ruka

I'm being active for my mum, Christine, and the memory of my Pa Jack

Chris Wilson

I'm being active in October for my dad who passed away 15 years ago. Love you dad, you are missed by mum, your girls, your boys and all the grand kids x

Lauren Malcolm

I'm walking for my Pop- Ray, who passed away last year in December❤️🕊 Good luck to everyone else who is participating in 27forParkinsons!

Emma Collin

I'm walking for the Parkinson's community whom inspire me everyday, and in memory of Bev, our beautiful mother, mother-in-law and nanny. She was brave, fought long and hard to live the life she wanted to live. Like so many I meet living with Parkinson's Bev showed us how to celebrate life, how to be grateful and generous. She is with us everyday.

Kirsten George

My Dad - a legend! He continues to fight and we celebrate him every day! Love you xx

Wendy Morris

Dad, I hated what Parkinsons did to you and I wish I could have changed the impact it had on the last years of your life. Love you dad. Cx


I'm doing this challenge in memory of my husband Bill, who passed away just three weeks ago. My aim is to promote awareness of Parkinson's, particularly Lewy Body Disease.

Claire Wijsma

I’m participating for my husband John, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years ago at the age of 40. John was initially floored by his diagnosis but has not let it stop him from enjoying his life to the fullest. He is a fantastic dad and husband. We are participating in this challenge to hopefully raise much needed funds to find a cure for this horrible disease, we would even be happy to have it not progress any further.


Mum.... you never complained about having Parkinson's. You had the DBS and said if it improved your life even a little it was worth that massive surgery. We miss you every day and im doing the 27ForParkinson's for you and uncle Jim xxx

Barb Allison

Remembering Bill Bertram-wonderful pianist,"Mr Squeezebox" from Rosebud CSSM and Parkinson's Warrior.


Remembering Rev Max Kingdom-an exceptional man

Katrina Verduci

Dedicating these 27 days to my mum, Sylvia and others who live with this challenging disease. I hope we can do you proud.

Tracey coates

May we always have the strength to move. One foot in front of the other. Together we can achieve great things.

Miranda Woodward

Active for 27 for Parkinson's in honour of my Grandparents Pat and Alan - and in support of all Victorians touched by the disease in one way or another

Kerri Singla

Getting active for my mum, and all those who suffer from this disease 💕

Mimi Morgan

I am walking for my brother Russell who passed away last year from Parkinson’s the same year that I was diagnosed! Also walking for all the beautiful people I have met since who are doing their best to live with Parkinson’s!

Danielle Gottschalk

I will walk in honour of my beautiful Dad. He suffered with Parkinson’s for 6 years. He lost his fight on the 14th May 2021. I will also walk for all those who are and have suffered from this disease .!!!!


With all our love. X


I am doing this in memory of my amazing mother Rhonda. She sadly passed in May this year. She fought Parkinson’s for 21 years. I love and miss her. I cherish every moment we shared together.

Lorelle McKelvie

I will be active during October with 27 for Parkinsons in memory of my Mum Marie who suffered from PSP and passed away in March 2017

Michelle Mendes

A big thanks to everyone who has done previous walks and is continuing on this week. Thanks for walking, fundraising and supporting Parkinson’s Victoria.

Michele Haley

I’m taking part in memory of my Dad Ray who passed two years ago

Big Kel Rann

Happy Heavenly Birthday Big Fella. You are my inspiration in life and each year to do all I can to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for PD

Monica Haley

I’m taking part in 27 for my husband Ray Haley who battled this horrific disease for 11 years Sadly passing in September 2019: Rest peacefully free from pain beloved husband father and grandfather we miss you ❤️

Katrina Ablett

I'm taking part for my inlaws and my friend who are living with Parkinson's.

Karyn Spilberg

This tribute to my father, Leon Gott, who was diagnosed aged 67. My father's last year was my first year of diagnoses. He described Parkinson's as a 'nuisance'. Imiss you, Dad. x

Jennifer Monks

Walking beside you Lauren Love Pop in Heaven

I’m taking part in memory of my dad Jack

Emma Collin

Our beloved Bev, Mum, Nanny and friend, in our hearts and deeds forever - Parkinson's never defined you, nor set your path. Your passion for life, family and friends - your care and respect for others inspire us each day. In October we will be inspired into action, with you with us each step of the way!

Jo Hansen

I am getting active in the 27forParkinson's challenge for all the people I have met who live with Parkinson's. You inspire me every day!

Charlotte Hutchins

I'm participating in 27forParkinson's in support of Edgar and everyone in Australia who are living with MSA, PSP or CBS.