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27forParkinson’s will take place from 1-27 October 2023 and this year we are challenging you to live a full and active life.

Join Dr Andrew Harkin as he guides you through a 27-day physical and mental well-being challenge. Each day you will be sent different challenges to choose from, so no matter your ability, 27forParkinson’s has a daily activity for you.

However, if you prefer to do your own challenge – you can. You might go for a walk, do some gardening, ride a bike or bake a healthy recipe, the choice is yours.

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Sign up (for free) and commit to your activity for 27 days in from October 1-27 to support the Parkinson’s community

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Share your unique link with family and friends letting them know what you are doing to support the Parkinson’s community

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Whether you are walking, running or connecting with people, log what you do each day on your fundraising page

Impact of Support

The Parkinson's community needs your support now more than ever.

  • The first quarter of 2023 saw a 50% increase in calls to our support line
  • February and March were record months for call volume
  • Call times have more than doubled in the last two years

More and more people are reaching out for help, seeking information and support for their Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Unfortunately, our current Government funding is no-where near enough to support the ongoing demand for our core services.

By taking part in 27forParkinson's you help to ensure that every person affected by Parkinson’s has FREE access to the most advanced health information, support and education.

It is through your generosity that we can make a real difference in improving lives and fight Parkinson’s.

Fundraising Rewards

Get decked out this year in our latest merchandise just by fundraising. Everyone who raises $27 will receive a new 27forParkinson’s t-shirt.

Raise $500 and receive a Fight Parkinson’s cap and drink bottle.

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Carol Glospie

My sister Dorothy Downes died last week from the effects of parkinson's. My sister was so Brave. She never complained and suffered so much the last month especially. Thank God, she lived with her son and her daughter was there constantly. I saw her so much during this time and loved her and helped take care of here. It is hard to believe she is gone. She fought so hard; and did not want to leave us until we all said you no longer have to suffer. We don;t want to lose you, Dottie, but it was selfish to let you suffer. You are peace now. She is our last sister and now it is just myself and my brother.

Peter Wylie

Hi and thanks to all those who have donated to the 27 for Parkinsons challenge. Some of the days are interesting challenges. This old body has some challenges getting into yoga poses! Good luck to all the others in this challenge. Cheers Peter


I am doing this for all those with young onset Parkinson’s. This is not just an older persons disease and hope to raise more awareness for the YOPD group.


I'm doing this for my partner's father.

Carmen Zajac

I’m doing 27forParkinsons for my incredible Dad. Who has Been fighting it for 18 years and still is. And others living with the diease.


Mum💜 still fighting after 23 years, it’s been really hard watching this last year go by. We will always remember the good times, your vibrance, your strength and your love. Love you mum xx


I'm paying tribute to my mum, diagnosed about 10 years ago. She gets up every day in a positive frame of mind, and if her Parkinson's is particularly challenging that day, she soldiers on regardless. Parkinson's doesn't stop her from being a great mum and a great nan!

Libby Young

I was diagnosed 3 years ago at age 67. I’ve run many marathons and now walk my butt off. I pay tribute to all other fellow Parkinson’s and honour their individual battles.

Mandy Crawford

I’m writing my Tribute in honour of my brother John. He was diagnosed 7 years ago with Parkinson’s. I have always admired and looked up to him as a positive role model in my life. John has also been an active participant in raising awareness for those living with Parkinson’s and I’m so proud of him. Love you John

Karen Tomlinson

I'm doing the challenge for my Mum (Margaret Lipscombe, who has had Parkinson's for about 15 years)and all those who have Parkinson's. I'm also doing it for the people who are carers to their loved ones.


I would like to pay tribute to all those people I don't know - working behind the scenes on research projects all over the World. There are countless research projects underway. Let's hope that someone somewhere will strike lucky and find a cure. My heartfelt thanks to you all. Keep it up!

Ewa Stiller

I am doing this in memory of my Dearest Father.


I do this for all of us who are living with Parkinson’s especially those with Young/ early onset. It continues to be a challenge raising awareness in the community that Parkinson’s is not just an older persons disease and how individual it is.

Tracey Coates

I’m doing this in memory of my mum. This is my third year.

Carole-Ann Kerford

Inspired to move in support of my beautiful Mum, who finds moving quite tough these days. She fights her way through with humour and dignity more often than not though, and I am proud to be her daughter. She has shown us that whilst life may not deal you the cards you hoped for, you can still play a good game. Love you Mama.


It’s all about Dad! Big G I love you and miss you every day xx


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