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Support me as I stay active for 27 days to support those living with Parkinson's!

I'm taking part in the 27ForParkinson's Challenge to help raise funds for people living with Parkinson's - a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life.

With over 57,000 people in Victoria and 219,000 Nationally living with Parkinson's, your donation will make a difference to so many people.

For 27 days I will be staying active whether it be walking, running or just moving my body on behalf of the Parkinson's Community.  The plan in my case is at least 20 full pushups, sit ups and squats every day and a 20km bike ride every other day.

Will you help me make a difference? Every dollar raised has a lasting impact, so please make a donation to support my challenge.

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DAY 26 21km ride Boronia & Bayswater

Wednesday 26th Oct
Just a short ride today, no photos taken as it was a bit of a sprint with the threat of rain a huge black cloud approaching. All prepared for the final day with big ride with a couple of supporters and maybe to meet up another 27 Challenger in Carlton.. Trevor... Weather permitting !

DAY 25 sailing with the Lilydale Radio controlled Yacht Club

Wednesday 26th Oct
Thought I'd have a change of pace today... sailing where your feet never leave dry land! Requiries a lot of concentration especially on a light day like today, and is a lot more tiring than it appears. combine with shopping in the afternoon managed to get in 5,500 steps.

Day 24 Jells park ride and walking Solomon

Tuesday 25th Oct

DAY 23 Discover Sailing Day at Albert Sailing Club

Sunday 23rd Oct
Day 23 as as a part of the team on the day, took interested members of the public out on Albert Park Lake for an introductory sail between 10AM and 3 PM.. was a big weekend!

Day 22 Sailing

Sunday 23rd Oct
No Bike riding on Day 22, it was all about sailing in a race on Albert Park Lake Saturday afternoon. - 2 hours plus setting up and putting away..

Day 21 Walking Solly

Saturday 22nd Oct
With a big weekend sailing and choir singing ahead decided a 'rest' day was needed and limited it to a 2.6km walk with my wife Vicki and our 10 month old puppy Solomon. His longest walk ever. This picture shows a loose lead .. very rare at the moment, training him not to pull on the lead is hard work.. getting a pic like this one even harder 🤣

Day 20 Ride to Ferntree Gully for Ready Steady Boxing

Friday 21st Oct
23 km round trip and a 1 hour boxing work out..7 days to go and counting!

Day 18 22km Ride to Ferntree Gully Fitlife Gym & boxing workout

Tuesday 18th Oct
DAY 18 was dress in blue day so donned the 27 day T shirt and went for a liesurely ride to gym and a not so liesurely workou!

Day 17 Mowed grass and sang in Parkinsong

Monday 17th Oct
Day 17 and forgot to take a photo of this morning's activity at Ashwood Parkinsong.. but 4000 steps mowing the best I could conjure up was a pic of the freshly cut grass and old mower that I pushed around. Resting up a bit before longer rides planned for Day 18 and 19.

Day 16 23km Mullum Mullum Ride

Monday 17th Oct
A perfect day albeit a bit windy with few challennging hills in the Mullum Mullum area. Took the new puppy for a walk at Ballnaring bach, ideal day (9000 steps).!

Day 15 Sailing

Monday 17th Oct
On Albert Park Lake

Day 14 28km Ride to Bayswater

Friday 14th Oct
Day 14 Melbourne after days of being deluged with rain and after Parkinsong in the moring with Fiona and Tarli, hopped back on the bike finding flooded underpasses and paths requiring some back tracking, Consequently covered 28km dodging floods and rain showers.

Day 12 Walk/Floor exercises Day 13 Rock Steady Boxing

Thursday 13th Oct
Day 12 & 13 with lots of rain kept me off the bike for saftey reasons managed to stay active with a short 2km walk dodgng showers, with floor exercises (20 pushups etc) on Day 12 and boxing on Day 13. Hoping for a ride on Day 14, with Parkinsong in the morning.

Day 11 Floor Workout RockSteady Boxing

Tuesday 11th Oct
Not just pushups, situps, and squats but also threw Stars and Superman's into the mix today.. besides a few rounds on the bag.

Day 10 24km Boronia Bayswter loop

Monday 10th Oct
A great day to get back on the bike. Picture of the Knox Lake (formerly known as the Blind Creek retarding basin) and not aaccesible to the public.. And one of the many Elders that frequuent the Blind Creek trail, a 60 YO Southern Mahogany. Of course my daily 20 pushups situps and squats were completed as usual.. A bit sore after the yacht capsize on Saturday, ...ahh cuppla days she'll be ok!

Day 8 & 9 Sailing (and singing)

Monday 10th Oct
In between choir rehearsal and singing to inspire walkers in the ONJ walk for wellness whilst no time to ride was able to get in some sailing on Albert Park Lake introducing new sailors to racing... with an unintended capsize (not captured 🤣)

Day 7 Walk/Day 8 Morning Choir rehearsal

Saturday 8th Oct
Day 8 was a busy day followin a rather wet Friday that kep me indoors only doing my floor exercise routine and a 2 km walk around the block. Day 8 much busier with choir rehearsal in the morning for the ONJ walk on Sunday.. I'm 5th from the left.

Day 6 21Km ride to Upper Ferntree Gully for Boxing

Thursday 6th Oct
No rain as was forecast so made the most of it with a ride to Rock SteadyBoxing for Parkinsons.

28km Day 3 ride Part 3 Jells & Lumm Rd Park (Final)

Wednesday 5th Oct

Day 5 21 km Home to Ringwood & Return

Wednesday 5th Oct
Making the most of the Challenhge on day 5 by riding the bike to vist a mate from the recent Melb Uni online singing trial for PD. Discussed establishing a future online Parkinson's support Group over lunch... Thanks Peter!

28 Km Day 3 ride Part 2 Koomba and Bushy Park Wetlands

Wednesday 5th Oct

Day 4 Ride to Upper Gerntree Gully for Boxing

Tuesday 4th Oct
Rode to work out with the Rock Steady for Parkinson's gang .at Fitlife boxing gym Day 4

28Km Home to Lum Rd via Jells Park ride Day 3 (Part 1) 01

Monday 3rd Oct

Day 3 28 km ride

Monday 3rd Oct

Thank for Support and summary of activities.. with songs!

Sunday 2nd Oct

Nice spot for a photo.. Eastlink trail

Saturday 1st Oct

First ride completed.. great day for it!

Saturday 1st Oct

Thank you to my Sponsors


Harry Snowdon

2 rides down , only 25 to go Keep at it Steve I’ll be down to do some rides with you .


David Temby

You rock Steve!!! Great job hey!!!!!


Darren Cook

Good Luck Steve, we will be watching your progress. Regards Darren & Robyn


Stephen Dunn


Cindy Tilbrook

I'm sure you will achieve this challenge. But even if you don't, what you achieve every day in your life is amazing and a credit to the great person you are.


Graeme Cox

Good on ya Steve for taking on this challenge, you should also be doing 10 laps of the Lake twice a week at night now that would be an awesome challenge.



Go Stephen! You’re an inspiration to us all!! Follow your dreams!!!



Amazing work Dad, almost finished!!


Ralph And Sue Schoene

Keep up the good work Steve!✔️✔️✔️


Mark Mulready


J. Picone

Go Steve, what a champion!


Daryl Kennedy

Power through Stephen. Great effort.


Irene Hillier


Teresa Dick

Go Stephen you champ!