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Support me as I stay active for 27 days to support those living with Parkinson's!

I'm taking part in the 27ForParkinson's Challenge to help raise funds for people living with Parkinson's - a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2017 and further diagnosed with an A-Typical Parkinson's condition called MSA in early 2021.

Despite this terrible blow that I have been dealt, I'm hoping to give this year's 27for Parkinson's my very best shot, in order to assist  people living with Parkinson's.

Will you help me make a difference? Every dollar raised has a lasting impact, so please make a donation to support my challenge.

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Day27 I made it through😘

Thursday 27th Oct
Although fund raising will be open until late in November, today was the official final day of the 27 for Parkinson's activities.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful supporters once again for their generous donations and extremely kind words.   The love shown to me over the 27 days, has been a terrific motivator and I'm proud to announce that with all your help, I  have raised over $6,700 to help Fight Parkinson's. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Pauline  xx.


Wednesday 26th Oct
Today was full of many activities, however the main one was a session with Liam, my personal physiologist. He had me doing all sorts of movements including dunking a basketball and practicing my rusty water skiing position !!!


Tuesday 25th Oct
I felt quite unwell this morning, but the late afternoon sun tempted me and we went to the beach for a walk and then wrecked all the good work by having our  first refreshments at the beach for this season.

Day 24

Tuesday 25th Oct
I spent a good deal of today with my daughter and grand daughter at her place of work, admiring and attending to some horses. Today reminded me of the days when we owned 6 horses on our small farm in the Dandenongs.

Day 23

Sunday 23rd Oct
Today was very busy, but I managed to sneak a walk in with friend Joan French on the boardwalk at Martha Cove.  I love this boardwalk and I have fond memories😍 😍 of walking many kms around this area before I fell ill with Parkinson's and then MSA 😥😥

Day 22

Saturday 22nd Oct
Today I walked the streets and Parks of Safety Beach with my son Brett and his fiancee Andrea.  Despite the forecast of heavy rain, it was a beautiful spring day ⛅⛅🌝🌝


Saturday 22nd Oct
I found myself in Mitcham again today and enjoyed another walk with my daughter in law Sarah and my
grand children Sophie and Jacob.  It was good having some of my enthusiastic supporters with me. 🥰

Day 20

Thursday 20th Oct
Today was a full on  active session of Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson's.

I came home feeling totally spent🥵🥵🥵, but I just love the company of these wonderful people - (all staff and other folk from the Parkinson's community).

Day 19

Wednesday 19th Oct
Back in Safety Beach today and I had a long and enjoyable walk with friend Annette Field.   We walked from the Sailing Club at Martha's Cove to the end of the Dromana Pier and return. I'm feeling very tired now but so happy to have achieved this walk on this  special occasion of overtaking my fund raising goal of $6,000.   So thank you all my incredible supporters.  You are all fantastic 😘😘😘

Day 18

Wednesday 19th Oct
Today I had interesting and friendly company as I set off for more walking around the Ski Club grounds

Day 17

Wednesday 19th Oct
Today I walked around the Eildon Ski Club grounds.  It was a very cold morning, so I needed to rug up.

Day 16

Sunday 16th Oct
Today we drove to Lake Eildon and walked along the dam wall over the spill was amazing to see so much water in the lake and also so much flooding down the chute. 
We are here for a couple of days so I'll do some activities in this area.


Saturday 15th Oct
After a full day with family and Friends, Alan and I finished the day with a nice stroll along the board walk at Martha Cove


Friday 14th Oct
I had a wonderful day with 2 of my 6 grandchildren, Sophie and Jacob.  We walked the back streets of Mitcham and spent the whole day playing, talking and just soaking up the pure love which they hold in abundance.


Thursday 13th Oct
This morning I had another session at Fit Life boxing club doing the Rock Steady Boxing work out.
I had a wonderful helper named Mary who was just so patient, courteous  and attentive.
I can't speak highly enough of the folk at this club.  Cheers to you all.

Day 12

Wednesday 12th Oct
Today I went to a private physiology class at Pinnacle Physiotherapy, in Dromana.
I got a lot positives out of the lesson, but even so,  coach Liam has given me lots of homework. !!

Day 11

Tuesday 11th Oct
With wonderful weather today at Safety Beach, I walked with my good friend Jan Silk near the Sailing Club. Being mid week and with few walkers out so early, we enjoyed the quiet beauty of the bay. 

Day 10

Monday 10th Oct
Today was wonderful.  I visited Moonlit Sanctuary with my daughter Amelia, her 2 young ones and Alan. The animals were all looking good, they were friendly, the sun was shining  and the sanctuary was clean and tidy.
It was wonderful watching the children interact with all the different animals.  (They found out just how tough an Emu's beak is) !!, and  I just loved watching the koalas.

Day 9

Sunday 9th Oct
Very tired today so just did a Parkinson's exercise class on line in the lounge room.  I was disappointed with myself but sometimes you have to just listen to your body !!

The class was hard enough for me today so I'm hoping tomorrows anticipated sunshine will motivate me to get more active.

Day 8

Saturday 8th Oct
A beautiful day to walk along the beach path and by the boat sheds

Day 7

Saturday 8th Oct
Blustery days are still with us,  but we could not miss an opportunity to walk through the park together

Day 6

Thursday 6th Oct
Today I resumed my weekly Rock Steady Boxing class (at Fitlife Boxing club, Ferntree Gully) and after a terribly slow start and with the perseverance of the team there and my husband Alan I got going and came out much livelier than I when I entered.

Day 5

Wednesday 5th Oct
Today's weather was simply horrible, so I did my activity on the exercise bike in the lounge room (with heater on)

Day 4

Tuesday 4th Oct
Today, I walked with my husband Alan around the Port of Sale.  We were very impressed by the beautiful lawns, the wharf, the boats, the bird life and the overall serenity of the place - a perfect spot for today's activity

Day 3

Monday 3rd Oct
Apart from my normal stroll around the Narooma Inlet today,  I took a walk along the clifftop of Mystery Bay

Day 2

Sunday 2nd Oct
My day was filled with several activities, which included a walk on another stretch of the inlet at Narooma, a ride on a tricycle and a trip to a native animal rescue center where I held a 16 week old eastern grey male joey.

Day 1

Saturday 1st Oct
After a short work along the water front at Narooma, Pauline decided to try her luck at fishing.

Making it fun

Thursday 22nd Sep

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Robyn Daly

In memory of Arthur Whitworth and for my brave friend Pauline Wiltshire


Nick Sarah Sophie Jacob

Proud of you Mum! Even faced with adversity you're still inspiring. We love you, go kick some arse xx


Vivienne Robertson

You are an inspiration to me, so proud of you. Love Vivienne


Chris Gilbert

Excellent work Pauline, you're truly inspiring and I have no doubt you'll achieve your goal! I look forward to catching up with you and the family at Christmas. :)


Greg Miles

You are an absolute inspiration Pauline. Enjoy your challenge. Marianna and I will be watching your progress.


Jan & Tony Gilbert

Thinking support at you!


Kaye Chipperfield

You are an amazing and inspiring beautiful lady. I will be walking for you in Tassie and remembering our fun times. Go Girl and keep on fighting. Love Ro & K xx


Matt Graham

What a lady! An absolute inspiration Pauline 👍


Elaine & Neil

Strength, Courage & some sunny mild days Pauline. You are making a difference to many. With love, Elaine & Neil xx


Russ And Glen Chambers

We love you Pauline, We always have and we always will. You are an inspiration


Rob Wyatt

Great work Pauline!


Daniel Hocking


Travis Jackson

Fantastic cause and effort Pauline!


E And R Russell

Pauline So nice to catch up with you and Alan and hope your trip is fun together and you achieve your goal towards helping others. Take good care and see you soon. Brave Elegant lady. Love Lizzie and Rob and families xx


Amelia Smith

You are amazing mum! Still doing so much despite your daily difficulties and troubles. Keep fighting and enjoying everyday. We love you! Mill, Adam, Will, Maggie. Xoxo


Jen Wiltshire

You are an inspiration Pauline ❤️


Michele Brooks

You are AMAZING aunty Pauline! What an inspiration. 💜 Lots of love from Michele, Lucas and the gang xx


Chri And Tara Whitaker

You are my hero Marsie, look forward to joining you in the 27 walks, standing beside you now and always Tas Chris May and Ella xx


Glenda Fullard

You are a Star Pauline!



Great job Pauline and Alan, such a good cause


Annette Peppler Field

Soooo stoic! Love you dearly. 🥰


Greg Chambers


Patrick Plummer

You are an amazing women and inspiration to all.


Brett Smith

Divide and Conquer


Joan & David French

You are a joy and inspiration Pauline. Well done. xx


Robyn Hassall

Such a great effort Pauline…we will be right there with you! Love from Rob & Mike xx


Val And Jim Lynch

Such a wonderful and inspirational effort. Best of luck and may God bless you and Alan in all your endeavours.


Tim And Sarah

You are incredible Pauline! Sending you all our love x


Elizabeth And Ray Wiltshire

Keep up your wonderful work Pauline, we are so proud of you


Glenys And Ivan

Good luck Pauline, you are one of the strongest women I know.


Alan & Lyn Dow

You are an inspiration Pauline.


Yvonne Edgar

Well done Pauline. You are one amazing lady! Love to you and your family


Silvana And Pat Di Gregorio

What a wonderful woman you are Pauline Love you


Ian & Leanne Plumridge

Well done Pauline and Alan, you both inspire with your determination, tenacity and support for all challenges.


Shirley Bult


Angie & David Parker

Beautiful lady Pauline, we wish you all the best.


Denise And Doug Kirkpatrick

Go Pauline, you are an inspiration xx


Keith Aldrich

Hi Pauline. Sorry to see you’re not well. Don’t you hate getting old ? Love you Keith


Catherine Bates

Thank-you inspiring all people - you are incredible and I couldn’t be more proud of you!


Julie Tierney

You are an inspiration Pauline.


Jan Silk

You’re an amazing woman Pauline - I’m with you all the way. X


Narell Enno

We are with you Pauline - 100%, go get ‘em!!


Fernanda Greenough

You are an inspiration Pauline xx


Rhonda & Todd Scicluna

Go Pauline!


Wendy Beshara

You are an inspiration Pauline with your positivity.


Gaby Ramsay

You are an inspiration Pauline. Thank you for your bravery hard work and leadership on such a worthwhile cause. Gaby Ramsay xx


Merrilyn Hathaeay


Mark Gregson

Part of the Wiltshire extended family to support



All the best Pauline with this endeavour




Jean Jordan

You are doing a fantastic job keeping active and engaged. Well done!! Jean


Karen Aldrich

Go Girl, sending supporting and love your way. Kaz x


Leonie Dove


Pam And Barry Veal

Well done Pauline...What a great effort you have put in.xx


Geraldine Kinsella

I'm very happy to support such a terrific cause. You are amazing.


Cherryl Smith

Your story is inspirational, Pauline. Our family are our most wonderful gift and support at our time of life. May you have the strength to fight on and not give up. Best wishes.


Maureen Irvin

Good on you Pauline - walk well 👍


Sue Eagle

Hi my inspirational friend. You are simply amazing. Big hugs and kisses.


Ian Farr

Very best wishes.


Stephen Grosvenor

Great effort Pauline. Keep going. Love Nicola and Stephen


Alison Behrend


Tom And Carol Latta



Well done Pauline, our thoughts are with you.


Sandra Carmody

Hello Pauline - I have PSP and like you, was active and fit beforehand. I feel encouraged by all the exercise you do . . . boxing?? Wow! Best wishes to you and Alan.


Kathy Wong