Lawrence Atley

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Support me as I paint for 27 days to support those living with Parkinson's! 

I'm taking part in the 27ForParkinson's 'Be Active' Challenge to help raise funds for people living with Parkinson's - a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life.

For 27 days I will be staying active in a whole new way for me. Last year I walked each day - This year the effects of Parkinson's have made that more difficult. 

As an architect all my life I spent 50 years sketching buildings and drawing technical detail by hand but my writing and sketching skills have also been taken away by Parkinson's disease.

Excitingly this year I have decided to paint 27 Abstract Paintings! 

I hope that my paintings will have  positive theme and a strong brush stroke representing a strong hand despite the effects of PD. I am not a painter by nature but this challenge has already had a very positive effect on both myself & the people around me with other Parkinson's sufferers joining in and finding some solace in painting.

What we see on the canvas is as individual as the painter themselves and also represents how differently PD can touch each person in completely different ways. 

Will you help me make a difference? Every dollar raised has a lasting impact, so please make a donation to support my challenge. 

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My Updates

Day 19 Painting

Saturday 23rd Oct
Thr Bus Stop

Day 18 Painting

Saturday 23rd Oct
Stormy Seas

Day 17 Painting

Saturday 23rd Oct
The White Rose

Day 16

Saturday 23rd Oct
The Dragons Day

Day 15 Painting

Saturday 16th Oct
The Dromedary

Day 14 Painting

Saturday 16th Oct
Quick Sand

Day 13 Painting

Wednesday 13th Oct

Day 12 Painting

Tuesday 12th Oct
“View from Under the Earth”- a crazy world!

Day 11 Painting

Tuesday 12th Oct
“Simple Pleasures”

Day 10 Painting

Sunday 10th Oct
“Contortion”(face in a torso) … and my favourite so far in this challenge ..

Day 9 Painting

Saturday 9th Oct
“Dopamine Detox” Lockdown lows … but hoping to make a difference with my 27 paintings ! Thanks for supporting this important cause

Day 8 Painting

Friday 8th Oct
“Crisanta” (a gold flower)

Day 7 Painting

Thursday 7th Oct
MJFox … a tribute of sorts

Day 6 Painting

Wednesday 6th Oct
Boats on the Bay

Day 5 Painting

Wednesday 6th Oct
“Rose Garden Days”

Day 4 Painting

Wednesday 6th Oct
“Eye of the Storm”

Day 3 Painting

Wednesday 6th Oct
“Self Portrait with Wild Hair”

Day 2 Painting

Wednesday 6th Oct
“Regatta of Seagulls”

Day 1 Painting

Wednesday 6th Oct
“Across the Sands”

The Senior Newspaper

Tuesday 5th Oct
.. again humbled to be written up in The Senior Newspaper .. thanks to @dianfalzon for organising great stories

Self Portrait

Tuesday 5th Oct
My paintings are coming along well and everyday is different.. I see a mans face in this painting perhaps my own.. hope you enjoy my paintings and can help to support this great cause .

Painting challenge accepted…..

Wednesday 22nd Sep
This is my first piece.. I’m loving the challenge!

Strong Hands

Wednesday 22nd Sep
I’ve never been a painter but was an Architect my whole life. Most recently when we thought about how to support 27 for Parkinsons this year I felt that the walking we did last year would be a bit much so after brainstorming with my daughters I have taken to painting and hope to create 27 paintings by the end of October..I’m really enjoying it and discovering it for the first time in my life - it’s a new challenge but giving me a great sense of purpose. I can no longer write or sketch the technical details I previously did with such ease and pride in the past but painting is bringing a whole new experience to my life, it’s never too late to start something néw. I hope my paintings are positive and that they will help us raise funds for more research for Parkinsons. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ando Rob Dash And Digs

Go dad …, We can’t wait to see you and the paintings in person cheering you on from Sydney


Robert Newman

Keep the paint brush going Lawrence


John Granger

To Lawrence Congratulations on your effort John Granger


Celia, Ian & James Utley

My Dad has dedicated most of his life to help others via fundraising within Rotary & is always first in-line to support a good cause … now it’s our turn to support his endeavour to paint 27 paintings in 27 days for Parkinson’s …..


Kathryn, Simon, Will, Hayley & Jaye.

Go Lawrence! So proud of your efforts xx


Troy Martin

Keep up the great work!


Paul Hede

An opportunity for everyone to see your many creative talents


Maria Hede And Stephen Lee

Good on you Uncle Los. You are always ‘ having a go’ We look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can. Maria, Stephen and family xx


Harriet Foley

You are a wonderful example of a community spirit and a caring soul. I wish you all the success to reach your goal and beyond.


Therese Mckenney Oam

Your paintings are beautiful, you ate a treasure is all you do.


Liz And Mark Dohrmann

What an inspiring challenge. Love from Liz and Mark Dohrmann


Japara Residents

To Lawrence … thank you for our paintings, we love our art for our rooms ….. Sue Margo Geraldine Innes


Natalie Aliotta

Inspirational! Keep up the great work


Genevieve Mccarthy

Well done Lawrence. Such a great cause. All the best, Genevieve, Chris & Zoe


Maria Silber

A very creative way of raising funds. Congratulations


Isabel Hede

Good luck with your painting Lawrence! You are such an inspiration! Isabel Hede xxx


Elia Andriotis

Well done Lawrence, keep up the great work for awareness and research and support.


Carmel Teresa Mccarthy

Lisa, please tell Loss he is an inspiration to all of us.


Hede/cesarini Family

Great work Uncle Los. Looking forward to seeing all the works. X Hede//Cesarini Family.


Nancy Fleahly

Dear Lawrence … great job of your paintings, I’m glad I purchased the one titled “Captain Mad” Kind Regards Nancy


Graeme Thompson

Lawrence you continue to be a legend!


Margaret Atley

Dear Lawrence, Thank you for my lovely painting "Wild for Mags". Its been a big effort. Love Marg


Steven Williamson



Last year I donated for Michael in Woodend, this year for Lawrence. Good luck with the painting challenge!


Rachel Morrison

Great work, Lawrence!



Great work Lawrence



Thank you, Lawrence. Your paintings are very expressive. I hope you continue to inspire others with your drive and your talent.


John And Joan Davis

You were never one to shirk a challenge. Best wishes on your painting activity. We remember with fondest and thanks for our past relationship.


Andrew Woolf


Zoe Green

Keep up the great work Lawrence, your paintings are amazing!


Sonya Thacker