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Support me as I stay active for 27 days to support those living with Parkinson's! 

I'm taking part in the 27ForParkinson's 'Be Active' Challenge to help raise funds for people living with Parkinson's - a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life.

For 27 days I will be staying active whether it be walking, running or just moving my body on behalf of the Parkinson's Community.

Will you help me make a difference? Every dollar raised has a lasting impact, so please make a donation to support my challenge.

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Day 27 - A perfect beach day

Wednesday 27th Oct

🌟LAST Day 27 of my 27walks for Parkinson’s

Today’s two adventures: Black Rock - Beaumaris + Green Point Brighton

Companion: Jill  + Mel C

Distance: 3km + 2.5km

Cafe: Black Drop 

Well! My last (official) day of walks was an absolute ripper with not one but two beach walks on an absolutely stunning perfect beach day. Started off the morning with Jill at Black Rock (thanks Jill for walking again!) then an after work barefoot in the sand walk with beautiful Mel along the golden Brighton Beach Box mile! Superb convo with another bloody awesome woman! I’m so damn lucky. The beach was PACKED with everyone and everything from life savers to sun bathing, picnics, sand castles jet skis kite surfers and SUPs. It felt like a movie set, seriously. 

🌟Huge thanks🌟 to all who have donated - we have smashed the target 🙌 🙌 my cup is full!

Day 26 - walk with an old pal

Tuesday 26th Oct

Today’s adventure - Hampton - Green Point 

Companion: Tara

Distance: 5.18km

Cafe: Merrymen

Tara and I live only streets away and go back a long way (30+ years) but these walks finally got us to get organized to make a time for a long overdue catch-up. And good laugh.

I’ve almost reached my target … only one day to go!!! 

Day 25 - Mordialloc with Meg

Monday 25th Oct

Today’s adventure - Mordialloc - Parkdale 

Companion: Meg

Distance: 3km

Cafe: Parkdale Beach Cafe

Yet another awesome woman joined me today for a windswept stroll along the pier and foreshore. (First time we have seen each other for over 4 months due to lockdown. Surreal!)

🌟Huge thanks 🌟 to all who have donated. It means a lot. I’ve almost reached my target … I can’t believe it!! 🥰

Day 24 - Dog tricks

Sunday 24th Oct

Today’s adventure - Kingston Heath park, a new and exciting place

Companion: Billie + Scott

Distance: 2km

Cafe: #3

Billie had a great time in the wide open spaces and did some tricks in the dog training area. We enjoyed exploring this park including paths, sports fields, botanical gardens, a maleleuca conservation area, a beautiful war memorial, RSL, playground and even food trucks. 

🌟Huge thanks 🌟 to all who have donated. It means a lot. I’ve almost reached my target … I can’t believe it!! 🥰

Day 23 - Hampton with Angelina and two dogs

Saturday 23rd Oct
Today’s adventure - an ironically symbolic catchup on Mirabel weekend 
Companion: Angelina + Henry the poodle & Byron the cavoodle 🤔did I get that right A? 
Distance: 4km
Cafe: Glasshouse

A last minute walk with Angelina today and so ironic when we realised it would/should have been our Mirabel camp weekend! 😭 We met at the second or third Mirabel camp a long time ago. It was so good to catchup, not on Somers beach but our local beach for an invigorating walk and talk! 

Day 22 - a stroll with an old mate and art in the gardens

Friday 22nd Oct

Today’s adventure - Freedom Day walk at Botanic Gardens + “Seeing the Invisible” AR exhibition 

Companion: Vanessa

Distance: 2.8km

Cafe: Jardin Tan 

So fantastic to stroll through the gardens with a longtime friend on this super special day. Felt like we could finally breathe and relax and take in the peace of our amazing botanical gardens. The AR art exhibition was so clever but also hysterical seeing us roaming around with our phones like magnifying glasses trying to locate the exhibition! Must have been funny to watch! Great to see you Ness, thanks for your support and sharing Freedom Day with me. 

🌟Huge thanks 🌟 to all who have donated.

Day 21 - a quick sunset dog walk

Thursday 21st Oct

Day 21 of my 27walks for Parkinson’s

Today’s adventure - last day of lockdown no sunset walk

Companion: Billie Blue Girl

Distance: around the block and a run in the park (nearly 1km🤣🤣)

Cafe: #3

Big thanks to all my supporters and donors 😍 

Day 20 - The sounds of un-lockdown Summer

Wednesday 20th Oct

Today’s adventure - Hampton dog beach and foreshore paths 

Companion: Scott and Bill Dog

Distance: 2.5k ish

A magic beach day. Sailing, people on the beach, umbrellas, kids playing and splashing, lots of happy summery sounds. One of Billie’s favorite locations, and nice to walk with Scott for the first time in a while. 

Huge thanks to everyone who has donated I’m well on the way to reaching my goal of $2,700! 🙏

Day 19 - Green Point roller blades, fake train tunnels and shells

Tuesday 19th Oct

Today’s adventure - Green Point beach path, roller blades, fake train tunnels and shells

Companion: Vanessa and 3 crazy kids 

Distance: 🤔 maybe 2 km of stop-start roller blades and coats on-off-on-again, shell collecting and rock hopping  😂😂

So much fun catching up with Ness and her three little rippers - thanks Ness for making the time on your only day off!

Huge thanks to everyone for donating. It means a lot 🙏

Day 18 - Fizz, a lake lap and baby swans

Monday 18th Oct

Today’s adventure - Albert Park Lake

Companion: Fizz

Distance: 4.8 km

Cafe: The Boatshed Cafe

How lucky I am to get to walk and talk with another legendary woman today… and so appropriate to meet at our special place 💚🤍🖤 We took the clockwise direction, taking in city views and baby swan families. The lake is looking magnificent. Just as we finished our lap we bumped into our very own LSCPH CEO Tim for a quick chat. Finally feeling like we are getting closer to our familiar community connections🌟💖💫 

Huge thanks to all who have donated. It means a lot x

Day 17 - Besties, champagne, sunshine, good news and a walk

Sunday 17th Oct

Today’s adventures - champagne picnic and walk at Caulfield Park + a dog walk

Companion: Annette and Anna + Billie and Scott

Distance: 1.5 + 2.5 km

Cafe: Parkside Pantry* 

*picnic grazing box 💯👌

Before heading to a picnic with Annette and Anna, Billie needed a walk and a ball chase so Scott and I took her to her local. It was a magical day for picnicking with the sun finally shining and hearing the big news that lockdown is about to lift gave us all a spring in our step! A champagne celebration was definitely called for … it couldn’t have been a more perfect day with special people. 

Huge thanks to all who have donated. It means a lot 😍😍

Day 16 - The Block with Cuz

Saturday 16th Oct
Today’s adventure - The Block, Hampton shops / beach loop 
Companion: Katie
Distance: 7.5 km
Cafe: Glasshouse

It was great to see cousin Katie after about 6 months (we all get together at least monthly usually so this is a very long time for us.) We had a ball chatting non stop, checking out completed houses on The Block (auction boards are up: 6 November) and then a big loop to the shops and beach. It was soooo good to see you Katie, thanks for coming! 🥰

Huge thanks to all who have donated. It means a lot 🙏

Day 15 - Kew x two

Friday 15th Oct

Today’s adventures - Kew with Jenn T and Angus + bonus walk with Anna

Distance: 2.5 + 5.5km

Cafes: Adeney + Willo

I ventured to the farthest point of my 15km zone for a walk and talk (funny that!!) with Jenn and Angus and then spontaneously another walk with Anna. So lucky to have such awesome women in my life 💓 

I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported my walks for Parkinson’s - thank you 🙏

Day 14 - Billie’s Choice

Thursday 14th Oct

Today’s adventure - Sandringham foreshore and yacht club retainer wall 

Distance: 3.5km

I drove down to Sandy foreshore and let Billie the Blue Heeler X decide where we go. Of course she jumped out of the car and headed straight for the beach, then up the hill over the rocks and off down the retaining wall track behind the yacht club. Out here it is usually quiet with amazing views - today visibility was excellent across the bay to Indented Head, the You Yangs, Mt. Macedon, the city, and right down the bay to the MP and Arthur’s Seat. 

So grateful to everyone supporting me on my walks 💖. Thank you.

Day 13 - Dendy Park with Bill Dog

Wednesday 13th Oct

Today’s adventure - Dendy Park

Companion:  Bill Dog / Billie the Blue Heeler x Kelpie x Border Collie 

Distance: 3km

Bill Dog is such good company on a walk especially if I have the flinger. We had a big ball chase session then did a lap on the track and met about 1000 other dogs from standard poodles to mini me’s. 🐕☺️

I’m feeling so buoyed by everyone’s support, far exceeding my expectations. Thank you all! ❤️

Day 12 - Streetwalking, letterboxes and gardens

Tuesday 12th Oct

Today’s adventure - street walking in Sandringham 

Companion:  Carolyn

Distance: 5km

Cafe: Our Little Ray of Sunshine

Today I walked with my lovely friend Carolyn who I’ve been walking with regularly throughout the pandemic. She is volunteering and had some letterbox drops to do. It was nice to see some new local streets, houses and gardens and a perfect opportunity to keep her company and walk with a double purpose! ☀️ 

Day 11 - A walk with dad

Monday 11th Oct

Today’s adventure - Bon Beach, Carrum and Patterson River paths

Companions:  Dad / John

Distance: 4km

Cafe: Freddie’s

Today I went for a walk with my dad, John. He likes his daily walks and cycles in his local area so I headed down to their end of the bay. We walked around the shops in Carrum where dad lived as a teenager, and where our grandparents still were when we were kids. With the railway works it has changed a lot …and for the much better. Thanks dad I’m sure we will do this again! 😎

Day 10 - Dendy Park, dogs, balls and frisbees

Sunday 10th Oct

Today’s adventure - Dendy Park

Companions:  Danj, Elsie & Billie 

Distance: about 500 steps in zigzag pattern

So good to see my beautiful longtime friend and for our beautiful dogs to finally meet and do what all toddlers do, play their own game. Elsie (2) had her frisbee and Billie (11 months) had her ball. Danj thanks as always for your support and all the laughs😎

Huge thanks to all who have donated. It means a lot. I am blown away having reached over $1000! 💓

Day 9 - Sandringham Foreshore, sand and paths, a milkshake, a bike and a dog

Saturday 9th Oct
Today’s adventure - Sandringham foreshore to Brighton Beach
Companions:  Jane, G and Chilli the labradoodle
Distance: 6km
Cafe:  Sandy Beach Kiosk

Beautiful morning for a walk and great conversation on the foreshore, path and beach (and an all terrain bike ride for G) with another longtime friend. Thanks for joining me Jane! I’ve realised that one of the best things about these walks is enabling overdue catch-ups with grouse friends! 💕

Day 8 - Hampton beach and burgers

Friday 8th Oct
Day 8 of my 27walks for Parkinson’s
Today’s adventure - Hampton beach
Companions: Scott  & Billie 
Distance: 3km
Cafe:  Swordfish Chippery

A twilight walk on our local beach path and bonus dinner on the bay 🍔🍔

Day 7 - The Tan, a bestie and a French pastry

Thursday 7th Oct
Today’s adventure - The Tan at Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens 
Companion: Anna
Distance: 3.827km
Cafe: Jardin Tan

I love walking the Tan track, especially with a beautiful friend, around the gardens where you also see the Yarra River, city views, the Shrine and today a very large police presence 😱. A bit discombobulating. But still so good to be with a great girl on a lovely walk. Rewarded myself with a delicious cinnamon scroll pastry … the hard work walking possibly wasted 🤣😬
Huge thanks to all who have donated so far. It means a lot.

Day 6 - Sandringham with a former work buddy

Wednesday 6th Oct

Today’s adventure - Sandringham/Hampton foreshore Companion: Jill 

Distance: 5km

Cafe: Sandy Beach

So lovely to walk with a former colleague who joined me on my walk. Huge thanks to all who have donated. It means a lot 😀

Day 5 - Green Point - a dog, a ball and kite surfers

Tuesday 5th Oct

Today’s adventure - Green Point Brighton

Companion:  Billie

Distance: 3km

I couldn’t be bothered walking today. The weather was crap and the Melbourne pandemic news was crap but I had to because of this 27-thing. And also because I can and some people can’t. I’m really glad I did - I felt better! The sun was out, the wind was windy and the waves were wavy and foamy. The kite surfers were out and Billie had lots of ball play. The fresh air even via the mask was invigorating.

Huge thanks to all who have donated 🙏. It means a lot. 

Day 4 - Streets of Hampton

Monday 4th Oct
Today’s adventure - Hampton Street
Companions: Billie and Jacinta (ABC radio 🤣)
Distance: 4km
Cafe: Cabin
I’m so excited today I hit $500! Wow!!
Thank you to everyone for your support, it really means a lot! 🥰

Day 3 - Beaumaris Beach - walking, dogs and balls

Sunday 3rd Oct
Today’s adventure - Beaumaris Beach
Companions: Scott and Billie
Distance: 4km
Huge thanks to all who have donated. It means a lot to me. 
Also if you’d like to walk with me let me know!! I’m looking for someone to join me every day! 😎

Day 2 - Mr 3, puddles, playgrounds and ducks at Caulfield Park

Saturday 2nd Oct

Day 2 of 27walks for Parkinson’s
Today’s adventure - Caulfield Park 
Cafe: Parkside Pantry
Companions: Mr 3 and his mum
Distance: 2k + playground, puddles, ducks and lake meandering 
After picking up a latte, Mr 3 and his mum joined me for some Saturday morning fun in the playground. After 2 hours Little Legs went home for a rest so I walked a lap of the walking track surrounding the playing fields, playgrounds and lake, sporting clubs, paths and trees. 
Thanks to everyone who has supported me so generously so far. 😍

Day 1 - Murrumbeena and Carnegie

Friday 1st Oct
Each day I’ll be walking a different randomly selected location just for fun! 
Today’s adventure - Duncan MacKinnon Reserve / Mallanbool Reserve / Packer Park
Cafe: Left Field Carnegie 
Companions: Scott and Billie
Distance: 5k
I’m aiming to raise $750 for Parkinson’s Victoria, if you can support me I’d be wrapt! Also if you’d like to walk with me let me know!! I’m looking for someone to join me every day. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so generously so far. 😍

One foot in front of the other

Friday 24th Sep
Hi everyone I’ve decided to support the people I love who are living with Parkinson’s by walking every day during October. I’d be grateful of any donation or if you’d like to join my “team” you can walk with me anytime or virtually! 
Thank you.  Janine x 💝🚶‍♀️

Thank you to my Sponsors


Simon Le Page


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You’re a bright star on a dark night!


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Janine Mayer


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Go girl. Look forward to watching your adventure (and occasionally joining in). Great cause.


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Well done Janine on supporting this fantastic organisation and for your support of me also xx


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Glad to support you and Billie walking for a cause very close to my heart, Janine. All the best for it the rest of it! xox


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Thanks for raising awareness of this very important cause and lovely to reconnect during this crazy covid time . X lovely to catch up Janine !


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We are always inspired by your generous heart and positive attitude to life! Go Janine x Love The Mayers - Darren, Amanda, Marlow & Astrid x