Christine Anderson

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Support me as I stay active for 27 days to support those living with Parkinson's! 

I'm taking part in the 27ForParkinson's 'Be Active' Challenge to help raise funds for people living with Parkinson's - a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life.

For 27 days I will be staying active whether it be walking, running or just moving my body on behalf of the Parkinson's Community.

Will you help me make a difference? Every dollar raised has a lasting impact, so please make a donation to support my challenge.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Iain & Jenny Nixon

Please show Stewart that e-mail re the hymns for the 7th


Mia Ayre


Dave And Janelle Langdon

You amaze us and should be so proud of all that you do for the Parkinsons community.


Joyce Clark

Thank you Christine for helping those with Parkinson's.


Kath Owen

Christine, we appreciate all you do.


Frank Clark

Christine, Thank you for the way you care for people with Parkinson's.


Fitness Friends

Christine, You can moan and groan as much as you like but we admire the way you keep putting one foot in front of the other and living each day with love and determination.


Miriam Young

Christine, the work that you do for those with Parkinson's disease is amazing. Well done.


Garry & Fran Turner

Well done Christine, you are an inspiration and an amazing Kyabram support group leader


Christine Anderson


Patti Harrison

Christine, you do an amazing job with Parkinson's people. thank you.


Patti Harrison

Well done Christine


Eileen Kay

Christine, Your cheery disposition and your willingness to help have been very much appreciated by the support group.


Frances Wintle

Christine, your energy and leadership of our support group is inspirational.


Hugh Smith

Keep up the good work


Vera Gemmill

Thank you Christine for all your efforts


Nathan Mccarty


Louise Zajac

Christine, we are so happy to have met you through the Infusion Support Group and love watching your posts each day which are always so positive and uplighting. Keep smiling 🙂


Mirella Yoho

Well done Christine


Jude Deeidio

Christine, I admire the dedication, commitment and support that you provide for those living with Parkinson's. Thank you.



Christine, you are a great example of how to deal with Parkinson's disease