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Support me as I stay active for 27 days to support those living with Parkinson's!

I'm taking part in the 27ForParkinson's Challenge to help raise funds for people living with Parkinson's - a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life.

With over 57,000 people in Victoria and 219,000 Nationally living with Parkinson's, your donation will make a difference to so many people.

For 27 days I will be staying active whether it be walking, running or just moving my body on behalf of the Parkinson's Community.

Will you help me make a difference? Every dollar raised has a lasting impact, so please make a donation to support my challenge.

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Day 27 -last day

Friday 28th Oct
Did a 40minute Parkinson's exercise video, plus some PD  Warrier exercises to finish up.  
Thank you to all who donated - you have all been very generous.  Hope to see you back for 2023.
I have a weird doggies and me photo as the last.

Day 25 & 26

Wednesday 26th Oct
Day 25 did 45 minutes of Parkinson's exercises on YouTube.
Day 26 did 4189 steps - 1 walk.
Photo today is me and my brothers on our holiday last week. This was taken outside The Fig and The Bay restaurant in Coronella.

Day 22, 23 and 24

Monday 24th Oct
 Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting.  I've been in Phillip Island with the family this week, but have been quite unwell for a couple of days - so I'm sad to report that I had 2 days off my exercise regime.  Started again today (Monday) with a morning walk and incidental walking - 6485 steps.  That was all I could manage today. Will try to build up again during the week.   I've included a picture of me and my boys (+cousins).

Day 21

Friday 21st Oct
One walk today and lots of incidental walking - 8676 steps.
Photo is from The Nobbies at Phillip Island.

Day 20

Thursday 20th Oct
Small walk today-just over 3000 steps, plus an hour of pilates exercises with my brother Brian.

Day 19

Wednesday 19th Oct
Had one walk today, as well as wandering round the shops, and penguin parade tonight (so cute). Did 12,026 steps!
Having a lovely time at Phillip Island.

Day 16, 17, 18

Tuesday 18th Oct
Sorry for not posting for a couple of days. I'm down at Phillip Island with my brothers and sister-in-law and Andrew.  First time all together since Covid!!
So Day 16 - 1 walk - just over 5000 steps.  45m qi gong exercises.
Day 17 - 1 walk, + incidental walking - just over 7000 steps
Day 18 - 1 beach walk 5228 steps

Day 15

Saturday 15th Oct
Just the one walk today - 6123 steps (4.29kms), plus about 30 minutes on tai chi in the afternoon.  Do voice exercises count?   I've been doing them as well.  Got a photo today, so no file photos today - just me, Andrew and the puppies.

Day 14

Friday 14th Oct
Did normal morning walk with dogs (Andrew couldn't come today) - and afternoon walk with the lovely Judy.  Total steps of over 10,600 - woo hoo.  Was exhausted after - so no extra exercises.  Sadly, forgot to take a photo - so I've found another from the archives.  One for Andrew - that's his blue Lancia Aprilia on one of the many car rallies!

Day 13

Thursday 13th Oct
No walk today because of the rain.  Did a 45 min. qi gong video followed by various dance and parkinsons's specific exercise videos.  About 1.5 hrs all up.  I feel like I've really worked.
Have gone way back with the photo today.  Me with Mum and Dad on my 21st birthday!!

Day 12

Wednesday 12th Oct
Regular morning walk - just over 5000 steps, plus a Zoom Physio exercise class for an hour.
Our bouncy friend in the photo was taken on our walk yesterday.  Always love seeing the native animals.

Day 11

Tuesday 11th Oct
Did 2 walks today - 8317 steps (5.83km).  Didn't get to do any exercises today - day got away. Picture today is me and one of my gorgeous boys Mitch. He was visiting, helping his Dad with some work. 

Day 10

Monday 10th Oct
Hi all, bit of a shakey day today.  Still did morning walk - 5654 steps.  Also did 30m of Parkinson's exercise found on youtube!  I've included a pre-Parkinson's photo of Andrew and I.  ( I've since given up alcohol - I miss it sometimes).

Day 9

Sunday 9th Oct
Normal morning walk today - just over 6000 steps, plus some PD Warrior exercises, plus about 20m of body groove - just to change it up.  It was harder than I thought it would be.
Didn't take any photos today.  Just a file photo from last year - enjoy.  

Day 8

Saturday 8th Oct
Did 2 walks today. Just me and doggies at lunchtime and an early evening one with Andrew - total of 7427 steps (5.21kms).  Also did about 40 minutes of pilates/yoga exercises.  Good day.

Day 7

Friday 7th Oct
Did the regular morning walk - about 5400 steps.  did a 30m qi gong exercise video  (no photo today!)

Day 6

Thursday 6th Oct
Was raining this morning so me and the doggies went for a lunchtime walk on our own - did 5262 steps and did a 20 minute qi gong session on you tube, plus some pd Warrior exercises.  Not my best photo.  Oh well.....

Day 5

Wednesday 5th Oct
Did 6975 steps today between morning walk and incidental walking (4,89kms). Just did short, gentle 20minute tai chi.
Also ran into friends at the boat ramp!

Day 4

Tuesday 4th Oct
Only one walk today. Total steps of 5992 with some PD Warrier exercises thrown in.  A bit tired today.  Put in an old image as we didn't take any photos today.  Tomorrow maybe...

Day 3

Tuesday 4th Oct
I had a bit of a fall on Sunday night and hurt my knees & back.  Thought I would be a bit sore for walking on Monday, but it actually improved with walking - especially my back. Went on a second walk in late afternoon. Did 9579 steps.  Bit of a record, and about 30m of Tai Chi.  Feeling much better.
Attached is a photo of me and doggies overlooking beach 5 in Venus bay.

Day 2

Sunday 2nd Oct
Morning walk to boat ramp in Venus Bay - 5743 steps. Plus tai chi class for 45 mins in afternoon.

Day 1

Sunday 2nd Oct
Did a morning walk - 5214 steps, plus 40m tai chi in afternoon. I was pretty unsteady this morning, but got better the more we walked!

We start tomorrow!

Friday 30th Sep
I'm looking forward to more walking and exercise in general.  I can't do as much as I once used to, but will give it a good go.   Exercising with friends and famiy will help.

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